PDC Group (Aust) Pty Ltd is much more than a sales organisation. We strive to ensure our products are utilised to their fullest, assisting our clients in maximising their profits.

There are a number of areas where, when working with our clients, we are able to ensure the most effective outcome for all concerned. These include -


  •     We will assemble all terminals to your specification and supply you with a completed terminal rail ready for you to install and wire into your panel or board.
  •     The rail will be correct length and type, the terminals will be to your specification, the terminal markers and numbering will be accurate and installed on the terminals.
  •     You are assured of correct type, colour and numbering.
  •     All terminals and markers will be quality Weidmuller products.


  •     To further complement our terminal marking capabilities, we can etch or print a number of different materials to create your required labels.
  •     Materials include stainless steel, plastics, nylon, brass - in fact pretty well any material you need or utilise.


  • We will come to your site and discuss your safety requirements with a view to providing recommendations for your plant safety. This includes:
    • Industrial Safety Fencing P/L safety fencing layout and design, interlock advice and installation if required.
    • arrangement of 3rd party, independant safety audits.
    • tactile protection such as Mayser safety edges and Mayser safety mats.
    • recommendations regarding installation of BLH Stop Drop Barricade for protection against injury from dropped and falling objects from elevated walkways and platforms.
    • site measure and recommendation for all Envorinex safety matting products.


  •     We will liaise to develop total solutions for your automation requirements.
  •     This includes upgrade to an existing site or production facility, or development of a total solution for a new facility of production area.
  •     We deal with a range of 3rd Party solutions providers that we will confidently recommend.