Airport Ground Services Equipment




We are suppliers of dedicated Ground Support Equipment for all forms of maintenance or service vehicles.

These include Door Safety Shoes, Custom Bumper Cushions and all forms of sensors, regardless of original equipment manufacturer.


Mayse Sample White Shoe         The Mayser Safety Shoe is specifically designed to protect aircraft doors. Comes complete with plug, ready for wiring.



Mayser Bumpers  

                            Our range of Bumper Cushions can be custom made to suit your application.

                            Bumper strips and cushions on any length can be manufactured up to 3000mm.

                            You may prefer we produce to suit your fastening requirements in a split arrangement.








inductive sensor 


         We can source any sensor from any manufacturer from  anywhere in the world. 

         More to the point, when time is of the essence and it usually is, we can source and match exact equivalents from our local stocks.