Mayser Safety Mats

Mayser Safety Mats are tactile sensors which offer maximum  protection when safeguarding flat operating areas.

Safety or Contact Mats  detect persons and objects  in dangerous areas of movement. Some examples of use are on machines, robots and transfer routes or on automatically closing doors in buses and trains.

Mayser Safety Mats comply with the requirements of the  ISO 13856-1 and ISO 13849  standards. They are designed for large mechanical loads and can be used for millions of switching operations.

Depending on the requirements profile, our Safety Mats can be adapted to  any surface area shape. They are available in various thicknesses and with various material properties such as slip-resistance and resistance against certain chemical substances.

Mayser Mat Black 250 X 181Mayser Mat Yellow 250 X 181


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Mayser Safety Edges

Mayser Safety Edges are sensors which make  pinching and shearing edges  safe from the danger of pinching. Depending on the switching principle, they are offered as a normally closed contact or a break contact.

Safety Edges and Miniature Safety Edges are used for  Drag Detection and Obstacle Detection  in passenger cars, on bus and train doors, in the machine-building sector or on doors, gates and windows in building technology. If the Safety Edge meets with an obstacle, the automatic movement is stopped immediately. For example, if a hand gets caught in a closing door.

Whatever you want to protect or safeguard with our Anti Pinch Sensor: we offer you the right technology and the right rubber profile. Mayser Safety Edges comply with the requirements of the  ISO 13856-2 and  ISO 13849  standards. Depending on the requirements, we produce Safety Edges with various  bend radii,  angled geometries  and  active ends. Our comprehensive range also includes higher protection classes (IP 67) or Safety Edges for use in potentially explosive atmospheres  (ATEX).

Using our  DIY Safety Edge kits  you can produce Safety Edges yourself, quickly and cost-effectively.



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Mayser Control Units

Mayser Control Units analyse the output signals of our Safety Mats, Safety Edges and Safety Bumpers and immediately trigger the necessary safety measures.

The functional monitoring of our evaluation units is carried out according to different principles.

In the case of  2-wire technology, a constant closed-circuit current is measured by means of a monitoring resistor integrated in the sensor . If the sensor is activated, the voltage drops. The safety contacts of the Control Unit are opened and ensure safe shut-off of the drive.

In the case of  4-wire technology, functional monitoring is carried out by returning the signals to the Control Unit.

Our Control Units comply with  categories 1, 2 or 3  as per  EN ISO 13849  and are available in  different models  depending on the area of application.



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