Industrial Safety Fencing


PDC Group proudly partners with Victorian based Industrial Safety Fencing to offer an extensive range of  standard and custom designed modular safety fencing components. No matter what industry you may operate in, from harsh manufacturing and industrial environments to sterile research laboratories and the food manufacturing facilities, we will be able to develop a solution that meets and exceeds your fencing requirements.

Industrial Safety Fencing products have been designed to be installed by semi-skilled personnel with a basic knowledge of power tools and measurement. If you would prefer for your safety fencing to be professionally installed then PDC Group can arrange for quotation and finalisation of install of your products. If you have a need that does not fit our standard range then please contact us to enquire about custom solutions.


Please follow the links to a complete list of standard fencing and accessory components, if you are able then please calculate your requirements and forward them on to our team at [email protected] for them to finalise a quotation for you.